Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bento #10

The box I packed for Odin yesterday came home empty. So happy that he finish his snacks in class.

Today I'd used a car cutter to cut out bite size corn bread for him. 1st time trying out this bread. Hope he like the taste of it.

Still trying to figure out the right amount of food to pack to him so that he won't feel hungry. Hope he will be able to finish up this portion. I think I also need to quickly go ask for a copy of the school's snack time menu too. Hope there will be new items on the menu for him to try.

Drama Queen's Choice - 2014

Have been watching more korean drama lately but then again, there wasn't much HK dramas that I like in 2013 too. Hope there will be more this year.

Here goes:-

Korean Drama
1) 那年冬天,起風了 (That Winter, The Wind Blows) [16 episodes, SBS 2013] **
2) May Queen [38 episodes, MBC 2012] **
3) 張玉貞 (Jang Ok Jung) [24 episodes, MBC 2012] **
4) IRIS 2 [20 episodes, KBS2 2013]
5) 来自赤道的男人 (The Equator Man) [20 episodes, KBS2 2012]
6) 馬醫 (The King’s Doctor) [50 episodes, MBC 2012] **
7) 七級公務員 (7th Grade Civil Servant) [20 episodes, MBC 2013]
8) 兩週 (2 Weeks) [16 episodes, MBC 2013]
9) 給美麗的你 (To the Beautiful You) [16 episodes, SBS 2012] **
10) 九家之書 (angChi, The Beginning) [24 episodes, MBC 2013] **

HK Drama
1) 師父‧明白了 (Karma Rider) [20 episodes, TVB 2013]
2) 衝上雲霄II (Triumph In The Skies II) [43 episodes, TVB 2013] **
3) My盛Lady (Bounty Lady) [20 episodes, TVB 2013]
4) 神鎗狙擊 (Sniper Standoff) [25 episodes, TVB 2013]
5) On Call 36小時II (The Hippocratic Crush II) [30 episodes, TVB 2013]
6) 舌劍上的公堂 (Return Of The Silver Tongue) [25 episodes, TVB 2013]

** Personal favorite

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bento #9

Haven pack bentos for a long time cause the older boys don't want it anymore. But my chance to play with my toys again finally came!

Finally it is Odin's turn to go school!!!

Today is his 3rd day at school. Today is also the last day that I can accompany him and he is still crying when I got to let my hands go. I'd packed some of his favourite snacks to cheer him up a little during break time.

His favourite raisin bread cut into bite size using a round cutter plus 2 biscuits.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Countdown Day 4 of 103

Aiyoyo ... time past really fast when there are lots to do.

Woke up this morning and realised that it is already Thursday and I have yet to bring the boys for their hair cut to get ready for school nexy week. For Oswald and Owein, I still have a little time to play with but for Odin ... if I don't get it done today, I would have to brave the crowd during weekends for it. Luckily Jimmy is working today and after receiving his confirmation, this mummy did a crazy rush act to get everyone into the car and head towards City Square Mall!

Guess luck was on our side. Though I had missed a turn and made a big detour, I still managed to get there just in time and Odin is the 1st customer of the day.

This boy have the most cheeky look after hair cut. 受不了!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Countdown Day 3 of 103

Today arh ... I was so packed with 'activities' till got no time to feel sore about hubby gone out stationed.

Brought all 3 boys out to JP for lunch and to purchase stuffs. Managed to get the BESTA digital dictionary for Oswald and picked up craft materials for his holiday project from Popular. After that we had lunch at Swensen's and the boys were delighted. It had been a long time since we ate at Swensen's. Ang mo food + ice cream ... how to go wrong! Odin too had his 1st western meal today. Ordered spaghetti bolognese for him and he'd finished 3/4 of it. Happy boy = happy mummy.

I also had decided to give a try to the latest bread making craze ... 五千块老式面包. Everyone said the bread is nice and really really soft etc and I just had to try to see if it is really that good. I'd mixed up the ingredients for the started dough and sent it into the fridge for the yeast to do their magic before I went to be. Really looking forward to making this bread tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Countdown Day 2 of 103

Received a few pictures of hubby sent by friends and hubby from media sources last night. At least get to see hubby's face again.

This morning, there is a news article write up in HOME section of The Straits Times. Can also see hubby's face if zoom in enough. Seems like he was caught in quite a bit of photos.

A pity that I could not attend the send off yesterday but can get glimpse of JM through such photos is comforting enough already. Proud that hubby is part of the team for this task. 加油老公!

I had also started my 1st ZUMBA class today at Yew Tee CC. It had been a long time since I work those bones and that 1 hour session almost break all of them. I totally zonked out together with Odin when he was taking his afternoon nap. Now, my whole body is aching like crazy. Don't know to laugh at myself or to cry ... hahahaha.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Countdown Day 1 of 103

It had been a long long time since JM will be away from home for so long. This time he will be away from 3+ months. Where to? To Gulf of Aden for this anti piracy task.

To bad I could only send him to Changi Naval Base and not able to join in the sent off ceremony. But I guess it was lucky to be that way too. The drive to Changi was pretty hard to bear already. Can't imagine if I have to stand there to see him set sail.

Consolation is that I get to stay in contact with him occasionally when wi-fi is available on board.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bento #8

Walked past Four Leaves last night and Owein wanted to bring a donut to school for recess today. Obedient mummy hence bought a mini donut for him then and dress it up for him to bring school.

Using picks to brighten up but in the end 1 of them got LOST! Boo ... Hoo ... Hoo ... so heart ache but luckily is not one of the daisies. If one of those is lost I think I will go mad cos they ain't cheap. *sigh*